Omg someone just pointed out that downward spiral is almost twenty years old I AM SO OLD

remember when my photo was used in the official DDrum catalog?

aw yiss. 

and the photographer that was originally scheduled to do it was my mentor?

*beams* yea. 

slowly watching everyone on facebook whos new freak out over my natural hair…

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Sean: are you still with extras only
Me: i think so
Me: lol i think they only ever called me cos of Dean or Tim telling them to
Sean: Sweet yeah they loved you on that set

so thanks to Joeh (the Robin to my Lily) i started looking at old LJ posts to see how horribly embarrassing they are. 

and i found one where i refer to someone as my darling

and a post about how every time i spend with them is great, but this night took the fucking cake

and some lyrics

and its tagged with crush


i have no idea who the fuck i was talking about lmfao

Coworker and I started talking about Tommy Flanagan yesterday.

These are actual events that transpired…

"Yea, so far my favourites are Chibs, Opie and Jax"
"It’s ChiPS."
"No, it’s ChiBs"
"Uh haha no sweetie. I’m pretty sure it’s ChiPS."
"I’ll look it up"
"Go ahead"


THEN. he doesn’t even stop there.

"well you know, those scars on his face right?"
"Yea, the Glasgow smile."
"yea those are real you know"
"yea, I kinda figured that when he had them outside of the movie" (I first saw him in Smokin’ Aces, that was previously discussed)
"yea, well you know he was ACTUALLY in the IRA and that’s how that happened"
*doubtful tone* “Uh. Huh.”


Just casually remembering the time Harvey dragged me out to karaoke from hell and got me to sing Rhiannon and when I went onstage and they handed me the lyrics one of musicians made a snide comment about me being too young to know the song. My response was to throw the lyric sheet on the floor before the song started, singing my little heart out and her admitting she was wrong. Then the drunks sitting at the bar telling me I was amazing……

dammit hardwick

so at work i was bored between calls and took the ipod at my station and started adding contacts to it… 

like… rick grimes or hannibal lecter…

in all i had like 10 or 11 … sherlock holmes, jenny (876.5309), nucky thompson, gregory house, connor and murphy mcmanus, tyrion lannister, etc

yesterday, i saw that people have taken a cue and started adding things like bruce wayne, harley quinn, etc 

i was dying

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