2013 Selfies

(cos Angelica did it and it’s a cute idea)

One wizard world Portland Norman Reedus VIP package obtained.
Happy Christmas and Boxing Day to meeeeeeeerreee

If you think it’s been weirdly dry this fall, you are correct. KGW meteorologist Rod Hill says precipitation is half of normal.”

me and Santa…

*lights self on fire and throws self from cliff because old flame tells you that you always understood him and that’s all you ever tried to show him and even though it’s too long too late he finally gets it and yet you are still so fucking alone and you swear to god if one more old flame has another goddamn revelation about how great you are when its too fucking late to do anything about it you’ll seriously have an aneurysm.*

My customer and I sang a bit of Bon jovis runaway…. No context needed when we are that badass…

My sister just sent me this picture of her boyfriend saying guess who I ran into at black Friday…..

I wrote back and said that’s all I want for Christmas

Omg someone just pointed out that downward spiral is almost twenty years old I AM SO OLD

remember when my photo was used in the official DDrum catalog?

aw yiss. 

and the photographer that was originally scheduled to do it was my mentor?

*beams* yea. 

slowly watching everyone on facebook whos new freak out over my natural hair…

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