Meeting teh Reedussss

we’re not related.

(no we totally are)

signed by Norman (and Kim Coates on Hero Wanted)

me Jennifer and the Walking Dead

Shoutout to the sweetheart who recognised me AND came by to say hello!!!

Me: You actually tweeted my Walking Dead video last year
Laurie: It must have been very good then!
Me: Yea it was set to this Perfect Circle song called Counting Bodies Like Sheep....
Laurie: *seemed to have a slight recognition?* That took a long time, didn't it?
Me: Oh. God. Yes. The other ones I've done took a day, that one took a week. *internally screaming*


one of my pearl jam records is worth like 50 bucks now

went through my scrapbooks tonight to find some old photos I had saved back when I was a teenager for a friend of mine

it makes me sad because she won’t know what it was like to be alive and loving Nirvana while Kurt was still here. 

Those of us who were that lucky aren’t better fans or bigger fans. It’s just different for us than it is for the fans now. And unlike some, that makes me sad rather than cocky.  I wish they could have known was it was like, though they are also lucky to be spared the heartache that we endured on that day.  I still remember where I was when I heard. I remember how I felt and I remember wishing I could find Krist and Dave and hug them for if I felt that bad, they must have felt so much worse.


I have a lot of things in these books that seem like a whole other life now. it’s very strange indeed

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