a guy who once answered one of my personal ads years ago apparently just passed away. 

never met him, but he was nice. 

So many fandoms over the last few years and for the first time in a while, I saw a milestone number of posts coming up so I wanted to do something special.

Thanks to everyone for following me through the years and especially those who have been with me since the beginning (or close to)

things that bring me joy

adfjkl;sajfks Jon was so sweet and so…. I dont know, just ugh. Great guy, great smile, great hug. Great way to end a fun weekend. 

Meeting teh Reedussss

we’re not related.

(no we totally are)

signed by Norman (and Kim Coates on Hero Wanted)

me Jennifer and the Walking Dead

Shoutout to the sweetheart who recognised me AND came by to say hello!!!

Me: You actually tweeted my Walking Dead video last year
Laurie: It must have been very good then!
Me: Yea it was set to this Perfect Circle song called Counting Bodies Like Sheep....
Laurie: *seemed to have a slight recognition?* That took a long time, didn't it?
Me: Oh. God. Yes. The other ones I've done took a day, that one took a week. *internally screaming*
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