randomly remembering the hours i spent watching this video over and over trying to get the dance down 

when i was like… 12 or 13… lol maybe younger, idk. 

lawwwwwwd. (i did eventually have most of it down actually)

oh i forgot to mention that when i was at my parents house doing taxes, i sorta… came out to them about my religious views. 

i havent really hid how i feel like on facebook and what not but i was always scared to have this discussion with them cos my dad especially held religion so high in importance. 

and even this week he expressed his disappointment in my turning away from religion and i explained to him that its not that i wasnt able to be a moral person without it and that i do believe in somethings but the heaven/hell/bible/organized religion stuff was hard for me to get on board with. I explained that he should be proud that he raised a daughter who is smart enough to question when things dont make sense and that i just try to live my life by being good to others because i believe what you reap in this life, you sow in the next whether that’s a reincarnation or afterlife, and I’m open to either being the answer. 

and surprisingly he seemed to understand and maybe even be okay with this, which floored me. 

idk, just wanted to share that i guess. 

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you know what annoys me a little?

the other day, the girl who sits next to me peeked into my cubicle as i was going through tumblr and i was reblogging a norman gifset for my norman blog and she was like, wow youre like obsessed with him huh

and at the time, i was just like “oh a little”

but then i thought about the guys i worked with at my last job

who spent ALL their time talking about sports. looking at lizards on google images. looking at cars. 

and no one ever leaned over to them and is like, “wow youre like obsessed or something”

why do GIRLS get this? cos our interests aren’t still life? cos last time i checked, neither was fucking sports. 

why do guys have hobbies and girls have obsessions, its kinda bullshit. 

so my team lead and his assistant know that my friend passed away and i was talking to his assistant about how the funeral is tomorrow and that i cant go cos im working and she talked to the company and they are letting me go early tomorrow and not giving me any attendance points even though i told them it wasnt necessary. 

if i wasnt convinced that place was better than my last, that would have done it. 

so my text to talk is not just useless

but it kinda hurt me a little

i said remind me in 40 minutes to try my laundry again

my reminder in 40 minutes says “turn andrea”

so i forgot to tell you guys about my goose story

theres a pond by work and lots of bird life around the office 

and these guys were crossing the street and it was just so cute i decided, i wasnt in any hurry, so id just chill until a car came up behind me 

and they doddled along, barely acknowledging me except the guy on the left there

watching me like a hawk

anyway, they doddle over and stop at the curb and just start kinda lining up at the grass for some reason

so im just giggling to myself watching them while lefty is slowly making his way to the middle of the road when i saw a car approaching behind me

so i slowly roll forward and honk and the birds DONT EVEN FLINCH

except lefty looks at me like bitch i know you did not just honk at me

so i just drove around him and laughed all the way to the end of the road (and yes, the car behind me drove around him as well)

and that is my goose story. 

ill try to hassle one eventually and see if it sounds like Jimmy Carr’s laugh

the day that i dont have to wait on inconsiderate neighbours to do my laundry is going to be an amazing day

bitch had a fucking hour from when i took her shit out of the washers to start my laundry (her washing cycles long done) to get her shit in the dryer and when i go to put my stuff in the dryer after waiting the said hour for my stuff to wash, she comes out of the laundry and is like oh i JUST put my stuff in, sorry


i had to do this shit with her on sundays when those were my days off, now i have new days off and thought oh this will be better but no

apparently she just does nothing BUT laundry at the LAST possible hour. which means ill probably be up past my bedtime because SHE didnt get her shit when it was done. she let it sit for over a fucking hour and who has to pay for that choice? I DO?!?!


So there's some sport or another going on and my neighbor has a buddy over and they're doing the traditional sports hollering... And Beth, our manager comes outside...
Beth: "Bruce??" (pause) "Bruce? are you okay??"
I walk out onto the balcony...
Me: "It's sports..."
Beth: "oh!!"
Me: "yea, I'm used to what those sounds are"
Beth: "I thought something was wrong!"
Me: "the defense"

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