so i was looking at cool stuff on ebay yea

and i found a series 1 poster for misfits thats small enough to hang up at work and i was like oh i would like to have this

and the dude was selling it for 10 bucks plus 4 bucks shipping

but he had the Make best offer thing on so I proposed $6.00 so I could get the poster and shipping for ten bucks. 

well apparently he’s stingy and immediately rejected it

so i got a little huffy and went out looking to find it cheaper elsewhere when thanks to google i did

so for the poster and shipping, i paid 8.99 and that ebay dude can SUCK IT HARD. 

this is what i get for whining about not enough house bolton merchandise on facebook

clearly not my target audience lol

bitty’s dad is such a pain in my ass sometimes

so i messaged him on facebook a few months back and he read it and didnt answer so i went ballistic on him and he was like, its better to text me, im not good at checking fb

so i was like fine. so i texted him the other day, guess what? NO ANSWER

so today i email AND fb him and guess what

within MINUTES i get a reply



*head desk head desk head desk*

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the Librarians is filming down in Salem today right outside my friends work building. 

She has been messaging me all day to fill me in on who she sees and was all excited cos she saw Chris and Noah walking around and thinks the camera guy (Gary) is cute. 

I told her if she sees Dean to tell him Hello from me and showed her what he looked like. 

When I went to lunch she said she was looking but hadn’t seen him

When I got back to my desk, she had this on my facebook

JFC I love my Leverage family so much. 

two of my guy friends posted a 9gag comic about being friendzoned on fb

on both posts, i said 

Can we not even pretend like men don’t pull this shit too? The whole “you’re like a sister to me” shit happens all the time.  When someone isn’t romantically interested, they’re not interested. Stop being a victim and find someone else who wants your attention instead of whining about someone who values your FRIENDSHIP instead of your sexuality. It’s bullshit, it’s insulting and no matter how nice you are to a person they don’t owe you their fucking vagina. 

it’s possible i’ll be down two facebook friends by the end of the day, yupper.

every easter i remember the one i spent in the uk

when my host family served me my first gin and tonics and i loved them

and had three before we ate

and realized what a poor choice that was and had to play it cool until we sat down for the meal

it was great

so okay

in 2012 i submitted my taxes for 2011

but i didnt get the paperwork from unemployment and it didnt dawn on me to look for it cos in the last five years, ive been in and out of work so much, it was hard to keep track

so last year i started getting these letters about how i owed them all this money. 

realized what happened and we amended my taxes and sent them back in paying the difference. the difference being less than 200 dollars, not the nearly six hundred they were asking for. 

after a while, we thought we had it licked but then i started getting the letters again, so we went to a tax person

when i first sat down with her, i asked if the IRS ever made mistakes and she said no

after hours with my father and i, reviewing all the information, she changed her tune and resent the information showing that we had amended my taxes and the amount i owed was less than what they claimed and that i already paid it. 

so, ever since then, they’ve continued to hound me and the amount has gone up due to non-payment and interest. 

so she sends ANOTHER letter and their response today? 

you didnt claim unemployment.


OHOH OH. so a coworker does hair and I talked to her today about fixing mine and for now we are starting with a haircut but i saw another hairdo she did and when i have more money, imma have her do the same to me (only with black instead of blonde)

this way i can have fun colours without my redhair coming in an fucking up the party. i can just fix the roots with more black without touching the colour *cabbage patch*

to add insult to injury, the IRS sent me a letter referring to my refund as my OVERPAYMENT. EXCUSE YOU?!!!!???

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