so my friend and i were talking about the walking dead game as we do and i was saying i wondered who did Carver’s voice because (its fucking sexy) it sounded so familiar to me

and since I play the wolf among us, both of us just figured it was one of telltale’s regulars, so i was like, well let me look it up 

and then i found out it was michael madsen and it made me so happy (and explained why his voice was so unnnf worthy) and yea. 

truthfully, the anon hate i got on the noel blog today is so ridiculous, i cant even be insulted by it and im really not

but at the same, it gets me wondering why i bother spending my downtime at work filling up the queue only get abuse every time the page gets more active again

yea theres more nice fieldmice than bad ones, but its not like it used to be. the nice messages way out weighed the bad ones in number and quality. now they only really come in after i start talking about wanting to shut the page down because someone threw abuse at me again.

and i dunno. none of my other pages get it as bad or as often. even on the ramsay blog where our section of the fandom is basically despised by the ENTIRE rest of the fandom, i havent had anyone drop into my inbox to anonymously insult me. 

i dunno. i still love noel of course, but ever since the whole festival supreme debacle, my hope of seeing him has been broken and thats sort of affected me with the blog i admit. i still love the fieldmice that are cool, no doubt about that. but ultimately, i just wonder how much of time its worth if i have to keep putting up with insults. 

fixed my tags page again. added new stuff, cleaned up some stuff whatever.


if anyone cares. 

my friend just texted me from Universal Orlando and asked “which one?”

I picked the crossbow one! I AM EXCITE I HAVE THE GREATEST FRIENDS

so i was looking at cool stuff on ebay yea

and i found a series 1 poster for misfits thats small enough to hang up at work and i was like oh i would like to have this

and the dude was selling it for 10 bucks plus 4 bucks shipping

but he had the Make best offer thing on so I proposed $6.00 so I could get the poster and shipping for ten bucks. 

well apparently he’s stingy and immediately rejected it

so i got a little huffy and went out looking to find it cheaper elsewhere when thanks to google i did

so for the poster and shipping, i paid 8.99 and that ebay dude can SUCK IT HARD. 

this is what i get for whining about not enough house bolton merchandise on facebook

clearly not my target audience lol

bitty’s dad is such a pain in my ass sometimes

so i messaged him on facebook a few months back and he read it and didnt answer so i went ballistic on him and he was like, its better to text me, im not good at checking fb

so i was like fine. so i texted him the other day, guess what? NO ANSWER

so today i email AND fb him and guess what

within MINUTES i get a reply



*head desk head desk head desk*

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the Librarians is filming down in Salem today right outside my friends work building. 

She has been messaging me all day to fill me in on who she sees and was all excited cos she saw Chris and Noah walking around and thinks the camera guy (Gary) is cute. 

I told her if she sees Dean to tell him Hello from me and showed her what he looked like. 

When I went to lunch she said she was looking but hadn’t seen him

When I got back to my desk, she had this on my facebook

JFC I love my Leverage family so much. 

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