Had a customer with the surname of Snow. my first thought was Ah… a bastard of the North…. 

was telling my nieces tonight how i always managed to make a fool out of myself around stabbing westward lol 

and then the bassist commented on my band pictures album and i wrote him this message thanking him for making meeting my first favourite band such a great experience and now im all verklempt about the whole thing and just EW why emotions


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well. i told joe we need to have a serious talk about the future of his cat. 

not like… life or death future but… i cant deal with this stuff anymore

its been six years and it was supposed to be until he got a bigger place or broke up with S and both things have long since happened. 

i told him he either needs to get him into a vet within the month or we have to talk about either Joe taking him or rehoming him. 

but i also told him if joe isnt going to take him, i want him with either one of my or joes friends. i want him nearish and i want to know that we KNOW and TRUST if we put him in another home. 

i dont want him to be somewhere out there and not know if hes okay. 

hes a pain but i still grew fond of the damn fatass cat. 

but the excessive drinking/peeing is becoming more than I can handle on my own and the cat is, whether he wants to deal or not, HIS responsibility 


wish me luck

wish BITTY luck. 

if he could get him to the vet and get the issue taken care of, i wouldnt mind hanging onto him but i cant keep doing THIS

was trying to find this one pic of me and my dad from one of my birthdays and came across a pic of my friend

i thought tumblr might appreciate him…

seeing how he looks a bit like alex turner (before a.t. was doing this hairstyle lol)

Mr Beaman finally checked in with me oh man am I relieved to hear from him

I wouldnt be who I am without him

during our last week of high school, our psych teacher had us say nice things to people in our class

and one kid stood up and said that he was sorry that he was mean to me in grade school and how in spite of that, i was always really nice to him

he was the only one who ever apologized but it meant everything to me

i mentioned this today to a friend and he messaged me and apologized AGAIN. 

i may never get the apologies from the people who were the worst, but the fact that one person, cared enough to do it once and now twice… its great.

never be afraid to do that, if you were mean to someone once… you could change their whole outlook with that. 


Oregon school shooting

A gunman shot and killed a student Tuesday at a high school in a quiet Columbia River town in Oregon shortly after classes started and was found dead himself as police arrived, authorities said.

The attack panicked students at Reynolds High School in Troutdale after a lockdown was ordered and they were told to quietly go to their classrooms. (AP)

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my mother just said that England is where I belong. 

I… didn’t think she actually got that. But she got it and admitted it.


only took 14 years but alright then….

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