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after all these years of caring for his cat… in spite of all the times he paid extra for times missed

joe still owes me 800-1000 dollars for his cat, depending on if we agreed on 20/month or 25/month.

like… there were two years straight he only paid me once…  tonight should be really interesting

Doodling at work and ended up giving my favourite flayer a vice city look or something I don’t even know #ramsaybolton #housebolton #gameofthrones #asoiaf


each department had one or two winners for the top 10%. 

we had a bbq today to celebrate. 

everyone got a little dumb certificate.

except who?

who did they forget?

oh yea. ME. 

wonderful. feels good guys. thanks. 

my sister is on the way to hawaii for her honeymoon and my niece just texted to inform me shes sharing the plane with jason momoa.


why not ME?!

Hangman at work 
Everyone else ::”Band Name??? WITH SEVEN WORDS? What kind of band is this”
Me :: “I know the answer.”

so i take my car in for this steering column recall

my car wasnt even doing anything wonky but i kept getting letters going YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR CAR AFJJFKD:SJFJS:

so i take a day off of work cos they dont have any weekend hours

and i have a hard enough time getting my ass out of bed in the morning for work, getting up earlier to drop off my car just was not gonna work for me

so i dropped it off, waited the four to five hours, picked it up and found with delight they washed it too

headed to my parents house to drop off my loot for the garage sale and on my way home discovered to my horror, my window wasn’t rolling back up… there was a Thud-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d sound when the motor TRIED but nothing. 

So I call them back, upset, and they tell me theyre about to close and to bring it in at 7am the next day

so I go home, in tears, reverse park my car so no one can see from the street how vulnerable my car is

wake my ass up an hour early, drive my car in, get shuttled to work

here it is


they called half an hour ago with my first update

they havent even looked at it yet

a handful of my favourite the last of us messages

backstory… im texting with my friend lee. he’s played the last of us before, im playing it for the first time.

Lee: Just get in the truck as fast as possible

Me: The truck??? No dude, im at the garage after they get ambushed

Lee: Oh good, well that part isn’t easy. Use throwing bricks and bottles at them that helps.

Me: WTF IS THIS TERMINUS? there are dead bodies on the table in here!

Lee: Oh yea, they’re not very nice to tourists…


Me: Man you’d be so proud

Lee: What happened?

Me: So I killed all the runners and then tried to use my keycard. Which of course means, you HAVE to do the generator.  So i just did it and made a beeline for the door and I think I got away!

Lee: haha that’s awesome, I did something similar the first time too

(note :: i SUCK at shooting so running from my problems is usually my strategy in shit like this)


(note :: herein we discuss the Amid the Ruins episode of the Walking Dead Game)

Me: Got to Henry and Sam

Lee: Cool it’s a good part. About to play the new episode of Walking Dead game. 

Me: Oh??

Lee: Indeed, I’ll let you know what I think

Me: Yay

*time passes*

Lee: That baby don’t look like Alvin


Lee: There’s definitely some cream in that coffee.

Lee: Well THAT escalated fast.


Lee: So what part are you at?

Me: Swimming in a dam as we speak

Lee: Ok, just making sure I knew which part you meant about losing them [Henry and Sam}

Me: Oh hah yea they’re dead


Me: Found his brother!

Lee: yay!

Me: please tell me I can trust this fool

Lee: His brother? I dont want to give away anything but he was the guy that saved Joel right at the beginning

Me: yea no I remember his brother from the beginning but Joel immediately starts dishing about Ellie and Im like whoa slow down.

Lee: Well Joel sure does trust him.



Me: So at this point its winter and im trying to outrun or outgun the guys that tracked me back to my house

Lee: yea its tough

Me: GREAT I’m a prisoner in cannibal town

Lee: yeah that dude is fucked up

Me: Ugh. Joel bby you need to wake upppppppp

Lee: haha

*a minute later*

Me: Aw Yiss Daddy’s back, what up

Lee: haha you’re funny

Me: Oh shit, Joel’s torturing people for info goddamn!

Lee: he doesnt fuck around

Me: lol nope

*a while later*

Me: reunited and feels so good

will you guys do me a favor and visit the FOX 12 Oregon page and the Post Your Kitties thread and like my pictures of Bolan and Bitty. They usually feature photos with the most likes and it would be fun to have my babies on tv cos they are pretty cute.


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