Can’t you see it’s over? Because you’re the god of a shrinking universe…


I think your story’s jive she said, there ain’t nothing wrong with me, if I use it to get me some sympathy, some ecstasy, a memory, I wanna remember me…

"your bodys like a rope
come slip that knot around my throat
baby watch me swoon
baby and do my thing"
Wound opens, reveal this broken man
And soon there’s notions of blood on his hands
"Last night I dreamt
That I hit a deer with my car
Blood from his heart
Spilled out onto my dress and was warm
He begged me to follow
But legions of sorrow defied me"

— Neko Case


Perks of dating me:
• I’ve got more wit
• a better kiss
• a hotter touch
• a better fuck

"This act is a bore but it makes me who I am"
"I’d like to think that it’s out of fear
When you blow into town maybe twice a year
To check on me - see if I’m still here
And you make me think that it’s my idea"

— Local H
"I can’t get
Any lower
I can’t find
All the pieces of my broken life"

© TH