Wound opens, reveal this broken man
And soon there’s notions of blood on his hands
"Last night I dreamt
That I hit a deer with my car
Blood from his heart
Spilled out onto my dress and was warm
He begged me to follow
But legions of sorrow defied me"

— Neko Case


Perks of dating me:
• I’ve got more wit
• a better kiss
• a hotter touch
• a better fuck

"This act is a bore but it makes me who I am"
"I’d like to think that it’s out of fear
When you blow into town maybe twice a year
To check on me - see if I’m still here
And you make me think that it’s my idea"

— Local H
"I can’t get
Any lower
I can’t find
All the pieces of my broken life"


You don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops

     I need to get back home…

"She holds the hand that holds her down"

—Pearl Jam
© TH