Matt Bellamy introducing ‘Survival’ at the iTunes Festival [x]




I’m actually pretty sure this is why my name is what it is instead of what my grandparents call me instead. How fucked is that?

but really guys. if youre poor and strugging, just go get a job, its like totally easy, omg. 

*sits quietly staring firmly for ten seconds before raging over every person who ever said that or told me i wasn’t trying hard enough to find work like fuck you motherfucker, fuck everything you fucking pricks, jobs dont grow on jobbies you piece of shit…. sits back down. calmly. smiles.*

SARA i have done it. i have watched Winter Soldier. I object to how little SebStan there was but I am very okay with how how he looked in every frame he was in. I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THIS VITAL INFORMATION.


Goodness,I know you don’t really care for marvel movies. Oh, the things you do for your favorite actors, right?

I know, lordy knows how many more I’ll sit through BUT this wasn’t so bad and kept my interest more than Iron Man did so there is that

oh SebStan…

Bolan is trying to help me get more trophies so he pulled up a walk through…. #thelastofus #tlou #seriouslythough #thiscatisspoiled

Who the hell is bucky?

drunkhogwarts i thought of you




getting attached to any character in the walking dead





Get to know me meme — [5/5] favorite male characters: James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

“Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.”

GUESS WHO JUST WATCHED THIS (well winter soldier)

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