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dude last year would have been a goldmine for them this year is tame in comparison lol

right but they didnt pay attention til arianas brother came along so now they have to pick out the most microscopic of shit to whine about…

i saw a bunch of posts about the social justice bloggers trying to get on BB’s case this season (like where were they last season tho?) and our “problematic” faves….

No but could you imagine the social justice bloggers trying to do their thing during dicks season???? Lmfao


Joel is so done right now (x)



MusicFromAHS Temporarily Down

I got a final notice saying I had too many copyright strikes and this (musicfromahs) is the only blog that I’ve ever had that on so until I can find a new place to host the music, the webpage is under lock and key.  Sorry for the inconvenience, be sure to listen to the mixes on in the meantime. 

(which is frustrating since FX and AHS have basically signed off on this blog but okay)


what a beautiful day to not be in high school


This challenge is semi-pointless. From what I’ve seen, most people who are nominated to take part in the #alsicebucketchallenge opt to have questionably cold water thrown on them as opposed to donating. People are so quick to do it for the thrill/attention, not taking the time out to understand why they would even put their bodies through such temperature changes. Those who are truly interested in the cause are a small percentage 💁

Actually, between the participants, the declinees and the people just watching it all happen there has been a whopping 15 million dollars donated compared to 1.5 million last year. 

People who are doing the ice buckets ARE donating too but not everyone can AFFORD a donation so the ice buckets are being used to raise awareness and the fact that it not only raised that much money, it warranted its own MEME… I think it’s doing it’s job very well. 

Marco Reus ALS ice bucket challenge. 

i like how i bitched in the tags about how i wanted someone to nominate Mats already and then I see on Marco’s actual post HE DID. THANK YOU MARCO.

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